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About Mihir Thaker
Mihir Thaker is the CEO and Director of The Missing Link, one of Australia’s leading Business and Executive Coaching company and has been personally tutored by some of the world’s finest business and executive coaches, transformation teachers and business wizards. He specializes in advanced human behavioural change along with development and execution of business strategies for medium & large enterprises and entrepreneurs and help them be externally and internally successful.

Over the last 10-years he has worked extensively with clients in Fortune 500 companies across Australia and the USA such as Orange, Sprint-Nextel, Louis Vuitton, CBA and Telstra along with many smaller sized companies in an executive and business coaching capacity.

Mihir brings a uniquely synthesized skillset of organisational and individual behavioural change that draws upon his years of training in the fields of NLP, Psychotherapy, Family Dynamics, Organisational Change work, Shadow Work, Esoteric Energy work, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and Implementation, Culture and Corporate Leadership and Change Management.

Through his challenging upbringing in Mumbai, India, Mihir has developed a very heart centered and practical approach to life which he also brings to his clients. Being grateful for whatever life brings and making the most of whatever is available is one of his core philosophies of life.

It was this attitude that meant opportunities were always around the next corner. From humble beginnings in Mumbai, Mihir travelled to the USA on a full scholarship for a Masters degree and from thereon he was invited to work in many businesses and with many behavioural change leaders across the USA and Australia. His unique personal success story is perfect testament to the power of your mindset and upbringing in helping you succeed in life. 
Mihir Thaker
Megan Jayne
"Mihir, what can I say? 30 minutes with you and you've changed the game for me! I have been going around and around in circles for 1.5 years and in one session, I feel more aligned, more on purpose and more motivated to step up and out and bring my services to the world than ever before. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart"
Jeffrey Slayter
"Being one of the top Executive and Leadership Coaches worldwide, I've personally coached thousands of coaches and I know when I'm working with top talent in my industry. Mihir has unique and effective approach to bring to his clients. Mihir Thaker is masterful at creating measurable success for his clients. I highly recommend him for transforming your business rapidly."
Natasa Denman
“I wasn't getting results I wanted, I got connected to Mihir, did little tweaks with myself and made $300,000 in seven weeks with my author programs! Now I’m well on track for my 7 figure financial goal for this year…”
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