Hi and thanks for taking the chance to get to know me better.
I’d love to give you my full life story, but I decided that would be dull. Instead, I want to share with you stories of simple principles I have learnt, that can help you improve your life ten-fold!
Let’s get started…

The Power of Gratitude

I grew up in a challenged, poor neighbourhood in Mumbai.
There, myself and 13 others all lived in a single bedroom on the fifth floor of an old dingy apartment. It was a bedroom that wouldn’t be any larger than a western kitchen.

So I’m humbled to have experienced limitations of life. I know what it’s like. And more importantly, I know it is not the be all and end all.

In fact, it was far from it. You see, no matter how tough it seemed, each day, from the fifth storey of our apartment, I saw below us, the real slums of Mumbai. There, people were living with no shelter, no food, no water…and certainly no toilets.

If you think you are on the ground floor, look around you and you’ll see that there are basements about.

So I realized I actually had it pretty good.

When I decided to be grateful for what I had, things just fell in place. I took opportunities as they came, studied hard, got scholarships, and before I knew it…I was being sent off to America to get a degree in engineering!

Things just fell in place.

I graduated from university, got myself a Master’s degree, published many papers and patents in the space of engineering and IT technology, and ended up with a high paying job during an economic downturn!

Being Grateful for What I Had, Gave Me Access to More Opportunities!

So what are you thankful for today?

“There is a beautiful part of us, a deeper part of us, that when we get in tune with, we can grow beyond tough circumstances.


It’s like a lotus that glows beautifully and floats in a dirty pond”

– Mihir Thaker

Disadvantages Can Be Advantages

As far back as I can remember, I used to ace all my school exams with A’s (I know, what a nerd!).

Having become grateful for what I had, I learnt that I could still take it to the top even if I didn’t have the same privileges as my school colleagues.

Whilst they studied in their luxurious rooms with a proper desk, I hovelled into the corner of our

balcony under the lights, doing my reading and completing my exercises.

Whilst it seemed like a disadvantage, I was free from distractions and could focus 100% of my attention to the task at hand.

So look around you, do a stocktake and look at how many amazing tools you have access to.

Letting Go and Reaching Out

There came a point, where I always wondered what made the difference in my life?

After all, I went from a poor boy in the slums of Mumbai, to a fully paid education in Telecommunications engineering (including a scholarship for Masters degree at University of Kansas) and then to taking on senior roles at Fortune 500 companies worldwide. How could things turn out to be this way in life?

I wanted to know why I managed to literally dig myself out of a ditch whilst everyone else stayed buried.

I wanted to know why it was that despite the odds, I managed to capitalize on opportunity after opportunity…

Surely it wasn’t Just a Coincidence!

So I spent over 20 years studying and training under some of the world’s best coaches, mentors, and business leaders to come up with a head & heart approach for life transformation. A unique blend of the most cutting edge:

Eastern &

I discovered that what holds people back are actually deep rooted beliefs & identities that come from a genuinely sincere place within that sabotage their results in life whether in business, career, money or relationships.

As Henry Ford once said, “Those who believe they can do
something and those who believe they can’t are both right.”

Beliefs so slippery and slimy that without the guided assistance of a trained expert, would go absolutely unnoticed and unaddressed. Having worked with numerous managers, executives, business owners and professionals, I’ve seen this to be true far too often that it can be narrowed down to an exact science.

Everybody (including businesses and organisations) has a unique set of identities & beliefs, like fingerprints! So there really can be no “one size fits all” when it comes to coaching.

Today, I am proud to be able to draw on a vast range of life transformation tools to give you what you need, and what will actually work for you!

I believe in heart based leadership for Executives, Managers, Business owners and their teams and am driven by the thrill of making a business more efficient, profitable and growth oriented rapidly.

My approach is focussed on respectfully keeping what is working for you while letting go of what is not of service anymore without making yourself wrong about it.

I invite you to start your journey and reach out to get help in areas of your life too.

Take care,
Mihir Thaker