Having created measureable results in businesses, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business strategy, value creation and managing your life and business day in and day out.

Spend 15 minutes with me and I guarantee you will walk away with a clear understanding of the most pressing problem in your business and a solution for it, including what you should do to move forward, and what is holding your business back from growth and acceleration.


This opportunity is typically for the following:

Your business has cashflow issues: I specialise in helping you resolve your cashflow challenges in the next 90 days so you can pay yourself, your staff and have money in the bank in the next 90 days. (Average growth of 35% in revenue measured with other past clients)
You have a team of people in your business who are not as productive as they should be and it is costing you time and money. This is especially applicable if you are in the Beauty/Spa/Wellbeing/Gym/Real Estate or any business where ongoing sales are reliant on everyone performing at their best. I help build measurable KPIs f& culture of excellence for your staff and business to develop consistency of performance.
You are in an industry that has low margins and payment terms are stretched out to over 90 days. I work with you in building stronger cash reserves and improve cash management via better negotiations with your partners and customers and reduce operational expenditures by 40% for the year.
You are growing well, however, unsure of your leadership, communication and management skills and need someone to help you navigate through the operational challenges in your daily business and personal development and provide executive skills development.
You are unclear on how to create the most profitable set of products & services that is relevant and attractive to your market and is highly profitable to your business. I help create a product strategy that financially and brand wise fits into your existing business and can generate revenue from day 1.
You are seeking to increase business profits by 30%-50% and want to achieve greater revenue targets. I help implement the right mindset and business structure that will help you achieve this while working less (atleast 40% less).

“Within 1 session of working with Mihir, I closed the biggest deal my company has ever had.. ” – Joshua Guiliani, Tondo Digital