For CEOs and Executives

As the Leader/CEO/Executive in your business, ‘the buck stops with you’ meaning that your business becomes a complete reflection of your values, authenticity and leadership abilities and your strengths & weaknesses too. Almost all top Fortune 500 company CEOs work on themselves to become the powerful leader that they are supposed to be.


  • Eliciting the boundaries of your success
  • Align all parts of your identity that are in conflict
  • Execution your unique Leadership style
  • Looking objectively at your thinking & decision making framework.
  • Leadership and influence of teams in an inspirational manner
  • Conflict resolution 


Mihir works with businesses and corporations in providing customised consulting services to implement and execute on specific business limiting activities. These are in the areas of:


This includes:

  • Assessment of existing activities and clear reasons why the results are not to be seen.
  • Optimise cashflow and develop financial dashboards to achieve desired revenue and profitability
  • Development of clarity on product path and future roadmap.
  • Operational optimisation to remove process and systems related challenges
  • Development of  clear strategies for reaching the next level of turnover including coaching and mentoring in sales, performance and mindset areas.
  • Development of  powerful growth strategies to hit monthly, quarterly and annual targets consistently.
  • How to create productive staff employees and higher morale and accountability
  • Marketing strategy and brand identity
  • How to build joint venture partnerships
  • Creation of new sales channels without additional financial outlay


Clients seek consulting in this area when the goal is to:

  • Improve performance of team members and/or executives
  • Ensure alignment between your and your team objectives
  • Eliminate and/or reduce low value activities
  • Increase clarity and execution on high value activities
  • Create consistent daily execution plans

“I created over $350,000 in sales in under 7 weeks with Mihir. Now I’m well on track for my 7 figure financial goal for this year…”
Natasa Denman,
Ultimate 48 Hour Author Program Creator

“Mihir has unique and effective approach to bring to his clients. Mihir Thaker is masterful at creating measurable success for his clients. I highly recommend him for transforming your business rapidly.””
Jeffrey Slater,
Business Strategist & Behavioural Expert


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