My Approach


My whole approach to coaching for business growth, leadership and success is centered about removing me from the picture so I can really understand and appreciate where you are in life. Your beliefs, your life experiences, and the decisions you have made along the way are unique. So as a coach, it is critical that I don’t approach you with any solution in mind. If not, it would lead to disaster.

Too many coaches look at your actions and beliefs and that value, but in my view, it is limited. We are a product of something much deeper than our beliefs. The guiding principle that I use is based on Systemic Thinking. How an entire ecosystem causes companies and individuals to create their identities and eventually the results they experience.

The saying that makes me chuckle every time is, “In a family of thieves, the one who doesn’t steal feels guilty.” Such is the power of our environment that we’ve been born into or are working in. You might ask, how is that applicable to business?

Far too often, I’ve seen across executive and teams that they bring all of their identities and beliefs to the game and there is no escaping from the influences that are working behind the scenes in their daily interactions.

“My whole approach to coaching for business growth, leadership and success is centered about removing me from the picture so I can really understand and appreciate where you are in life.”

– Mihir Thaker


I meet you where you are at in life & business!

I know decisions that have been made at a Systemic level, impact everyday workings of your business and organisation, including you, your staff and your results directly. I will thoroughly assess where you’re most stuck financially, emotionally and systemically to know precisely where your highest leverage game is. Without knowing this systemic root cause analysis, no amount of throwing money at your problem will make it go away. It will only make it worse as time goes by. Your business will never outgrow YOU. Hence, this step is critical in knowing how to make you and/or your key staff become stellar performers.


Identify Where You Want to Go!

Great, now we are getting somewhere. We have the starting point, and the destination you want to get to! But here’s the tricky bit; getting from A to B is full of personal obstacles. And we lack good strategies in business that are needed to work together to move past them swiftly and efficiently. It is here where we chart the course for clear business strategies and personal changes to up your game and help you engineer the outcomes you are after.

•    Develop better leadership and communication
•    Have empowered team members
•    Develop key staff members to next level of execution
•    Develop and execute business strategies for 2x – 3x growth
•    Coach sales team to exceed revenue targets on a monthly basis
•    Develop business systems to grow and scale rapidly
•    Develop personal brand and create market impact
•    Develop industry dominance and retain best industry talent
•    Create sustainable work-life balance
•    Create clear execution plan from existing strategies
•    And much more…


Identify Your Key Action Zones

There are areas in your life and business where putting in more effort may not yield any additional benefits. We identify the 20% of your life and business that will give you 80% results with minimal resources. These are your Key Action Zones. We will map out key actions that must happen in these zones to achieve your results.


Draw on Advanced Change Work to Design Useful Systems!

More often than not, coaching involves me helping clients become very resourceful with what they have. For this reason, I help you restructure and access existing resources in your life & business, and cause the necessary shifts required for you to make the most of them. It’s not what you do but how you do it that causes the results. This is precisely why I’ve been able to create stellar performers in brokerage, real estate, and high value sales industries.

Here is where I bring the best of business frameworks, strategies and approaches in combination with high performance and achievement psychology to help you achieve your results.


Develop Your New Relationship to Your Success!

I invite you to work through this with me and experience the results that many of my existing and past clients have achieved. Click here.

I Meet You Where You Are At,
and Take You Where You Want to Go!

I invite you to start your journey and reach out to get help in areas of your life too.