Messaging Template

This template is designed to help you audit the communication of your brand voice and messaging. We recommend you complete the Values Identifier Worksheet before you use this template.

Time to Value based pricing

Implementing a value-­based pricing model into your business is one of the surest ways to safeguard, grow and scale. For many, this can require a mindset shift. Time-­based pricing communicated that your value…


Online Credibility Audit

Think people aren’t taking notice of you and your business online? Think again. In today’s digital world, any business that doesn’t invest in a solid online strategy risks being overtaken by a more committed competition.

Leadership Superpower

Every leader has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, but understanding your Leadership Superpower allows you to capitalise on what truly makes you a great leader.


Team culture assessment v2

Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities within your team is critical to the long-­term success of your business. There are two key components to assessing your team culture.

Values Identifier

1. Select each value you would identify as congruent with and relevant to you and your business.
2. Refine that initial list to a top ten.
3. Further refine this top ten list down to a top five list of your key values.


Business Weak Link

Knowledge is power. Use this quick guide to identify any potential weak links in your business, or keep this at hand as a reminder of what to monitor and improve.

Co-founder Checklist

Taking on a co-­founder or partner in business is a choice that requires a degree of risk and also offers great rewards. While everyone has his or her own unique systems for determining a good fit, this guide can help you in your early decision-­making process.


Powerful Networking Scripts

Before you attend your next networking event, practice these scripts in the mirror or role-play with a trusted friend. You will eventually start to feel more natural and confident in your networking skills.

Blame to Accountability

Blame and Accountability are two different but related responses to problems. It’s normal for issues to arise and mistakes to be made in a work setting, but a blaming or fault-finding reaction can be severely damaging on many levels.

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