Who I’ve Worked With


Happy Clients

Megan Jayne
Founder, Snack Club

“Mihir, what can I say? 30 minutes with you and you’ve changed the game for me! I have been going around and around in circles for 1.5 years and in one session, I feel more aligned, more on purpose and more motivated to step up and out and bring my services to the world than ever before. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart 🙌”

Gillian Howell
Freelance Musician and Researcher

“Mihir has a very gentle yet powerful way of working with a group that allows them to safely explore what is really blocking them within. I highly recommend any business owners or freelancers to work with Mihir on their business strategies, mindset and leadership.”

Jeffrey Slayter
Business Strategist & Behavioural Expert

“Being one of the top Executive and Leadership Coaches worldwide, I’ve personally coached thousands of coaches and I know when I’m working with top talent in my industry. Mihir has unique and effective approach to bring to his clients. Mihir Thaker is masterful at creating measurable success for his clients. I highly recommend him for transforming your business rapidly.”

Natasa Denman
Ultimate 48 Hour Author Program Creator, Business Coach

“I wasn’t getting results I wanted, I got connected to Mihir, did little tweaks with myself and made $300,000 in seven weeks with my author programs! Now I’m well on track for my 7 figure financial goal for this year…”

Stuart Denman
Lifestyle Coach

“We get caught up in what we do, look for excuses rather than actually allow ourselves the opportunity to grow the version ourselves we truly want to be, Mihir was able to facilitate that in a very short time and I was able to grow my coaching practice from zero to full coaching practice in six weeks…”

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